My inspiration for becoming a Travel Agent.

I have always had a passion for working hard, in fact I’ve been working since I was 16! I first started my varied and exciting working life as a trainee hairdresser. Once I qualified I started my own business, and Y U Unique was born. My Hair and Beauty Salon was a big part of my life, I loved my clients and every day was different with new and thrilling challenges. However, after over 7 years of owning and managing my own business I needed a change. I had also become a Mum to two beautiful children, who needed me around and wanted to do something different to fit around family life. It was then, while caring for my own children, that I realised how much I loved helping and looking after others. I knew that my considerate and supportive nature would have a positive impact on those

most in need. So, I became a Foster carer. I wanted to help children and give them another chance at having a positive and meaningful life. I have a deep seeded belief that “every child matters and I want to help as many children as possible. Although Foster Caring can be challenging at times, it's also immensely rewarding.

As my own children got older I wanted to do something more and fulfil a passion I have always had. I have always been curious about becoming an Air Hostess and loved the thought of flying all over the world while making travelling comfortable and enjoyable for others. One day, as I was browsing the internet I came along an opportunity to become an Air Hostess. I jumped at it and filled in the application form. I got invited to an interview and passed with flying colours (excuse the pun). I have been working part-time as an Air Hostess for the last 7 years. I love travelling the world, visiting new cities and ensuring those in my care have a relaxing and enjoyable journey.

Again, while travelling, I came across many different travel agents. Travel agents, who ran their own business, travel agents, who sold exhilarating and once in a life time holiday! I realised how much I missed being my own boss. This was my opportunity to be self-employed again and to run it alongside everything else that I love doing. Being a Travel agent not only gives me the opportunity of being self-employed but I even get paid for going on holidays! This job is my passion, my dream, my new way of life. I love helping others to make their dream holidays come true and to give them an experience they will always remember and never forget.

I get paid commission on my own holidays and I get free ones at times with discounted family holidays too. I also get to build a team which gives me additional income and build a stable future for my children. Travel has become a big part of life and I am working towards living the dream I invariably wished.